Saturday, August 18, 2012

What is Next for Studio Odd Hours?

As we come to the final few weeks of the final group show that Studio Odd Hours has put together in Mendocino, CA, people have asked what is next for Studio Odd Hours.

Probably not too much... we have taken down the SOH website and will each be focusing on our own artwork for awhile.  The "we" means co-founders Jason Cowan and Inga Ilze Peterson.  We are also relocating away from the Mendocino Coast, to a location as of yet undetermined.

It is a perfect time to reflect on what we accomplished with Studio Odd Hours though, and we thought it would be nice to list a recap of the open studios and shows that we have put together.  Because, really, we put a lot of heart and soul into creating these group shows, and we do believe that what we've done has had a positive impact on the artists involved and the Mendocino Coast art scene.

So here goes...

August 2009 we held our first open studio at 366 N. Main St in Fort Bragg, CA.  Four artists were showing their work:  Jason Cowan, Jacob Hewko, Inga Peterson, and Jubal Stedman.

We went on to hold 9 more open studios, one per month until May 2010.  We strove to include new work for every open studio, with all of us working hard to make that happen. We also began to include work from a fifth 'oddist', Nicholas Heller.

You can check out all the other open studio posters on Jason's tumblr website:

For a short time, we even had regular business hours on Saturdays.  Mostly the studio was open by appointment or whenever Jason was there working on paintings.

August 2010 we held our first group show at the Odd Fellows Hall in Mendocino, Odd Hours / Odd Fellows New American Art.  We were lucky to meet many artists over the course of the year who would frequent our open studios and who also shared the vision of Studio Odd Hours.

New American Art had 18 participating artists: Masako Arita, Taiji Arita, Anne Beck, Jason Cowan, Jennifer Didier, Nicholas Heller, Jacob Hewko, Erin Honest, Chris Holland, Ryan Hurst, Dietmar Krumery, Atticus O'Feral, Willow O'Feral, Jonathan Palmer, Inga Peterson, (Secret) Glen, Jubal Stedman and Deth P. Sun.

March 2011 we organized a small group show at College of the Redwoods Mendocino Coast Campus:  A Nice Little Show.  This was the first time that we invited the Art Explorers to include some of their work in our group shows, and we would continue to include them in our subsequent group shows.

A Nice Little Show had 11 participating artists: 
Taiji Arita, Jason Cowan, Jen Didier, Jonathan Palmer, Inga Peterson, Mindy Peterson, Tim Peterson, Jubal Stedman, Pearl Stedman, Amanda Weaver, and Marvin Willrodt.

May 2011 we put together a group show to benefit the Mendocino Art Center:  Work & Love

Work & Love had 16 participating artists:
Pablo Abuliak, Masako Arita, Taiji Arita, Jason Cowan, John Darcy, Jennifer Didier, Vicki Dominion, Nicholas Heller, Jacob Hewko, Chris Holland, Sarah Logan, Jonathan Palmer, Inga Peterson, Laura Pope, Jubal Stedman, and Marvin Willrodt.

August 2012 we put together a Memorial Retrospective for our friend Taiji Arita who passed away in July 2011:  PURE Taiji Arita Memorial Retrospective and Group Show at the Odd Fellows Hall in Mendocino.

PURE Taiji Arita Memorial Retrospective and Group Show with 24 participating artists:
Michelle Aliotti, Masako Arita, Taiji Arita, Michael Barnes, Jason Cowan, Vicki Dominion, Chris Freitas, Ian Hardie, Pati Martinez, Loreen Maynard, Phillip McDonald, Kevin Pearl, Inga Peterson, Mindy Peterson, Tim Peterson, Michael Smart, John Tone, Jerry Turner, Charles Unser, Frank Van Curen, Lucinda Venegas, Amanda Weaver, Marvin Willrodt, and Amanda Winkler.

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